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Les réservations en ligne sont valables pour les excursions entre le 01/07/2019 et le 31/08/2019.
Pour toutes autres dates, veuillez nous contacter au +33 (0)
Bons de réductionsMerci de passer la commande au +33 (0)
Group rate10% for 15 to 30 people20% for 30 to 50 people
Pricing child under 10 years
3thd place in a canoe
-3€ for a mini or a half day-7€ for a day
Be able to swim - Children over 8 - Adequate clothes and shoes - Respect the environment - Avoid fishermen - Bring back your rubbish
(1) Price per person
(2) You are allowed to navigate between 10pm 6pm
(3) Arrival before 2pm
(4) Meal served at the restaurant grill "Le Braynand" (Base of the bridge of Braynand)
Payment by : Paypal or credit card
General conditions of sale